2018 Toyota Camry Navigation App System Equipped by Xevo’s Next-Generation Connected Car Technology

The Camry will also support Telenav’s Scout GPS Link, enabling drivers to display navigation maps and directions from a smartphone app on the in-car multimedia display

Bellevue, WA July 11, 2017 — Xevo announced today that its in-car technology will come equipped in the 2018 Toyota Camry, set for release in July. The eighth generation of this best-selling car is the first Camry model to showcase Toyota’s EntuneTM 3.0 multimedia system, including the EntuneTM 3.0 App Suite Connect, powered by the Xevo Journeyware connected car platform. Xevo’s Journeyware suite of products seamlessly connects drivers and their vehicles to mobile applications, content, and services, dramatically enhancing the in-car experience for Camry drivers.

“The 2018 Toyota Camry is a beautiful new car and we are thrilled that our technology will make it even better,” said Dan Gittleman, CEO of Xevo. “We love working with Toyota as a partner, and can’t wait to see Xevo technology in all these cars as they hit the road.”

The new-and-improved multimedia EntuneTM 3.0 App Suite Connect gives Toyota connected car owners their favorite in-car experience wherever they go, with personalized preferences. The App Suite also gives drivers access to Telenav’s Scout GPS Link, enabling drivers to easily transfer the turn-by-turn directions displayed through their connected car apps to the multimedia display inside their car.

Xevo’s Journeyware platform includes Xevo Engine, the connected car technology powering the Entune 3.0 App Suite, and its smartphone connectivity systems. Xevo Engine middleware delivers unprecedented reach across all devices and screens with minimal hardware requirements. It is device and network agnostic and can be integrated with embedded HTML5 browsers, navigation applications, and on-board diagnostic information to drive in-vehicle HMI improvements and capture analytics. With the power of Xevo Engine, the Entune 3.0 platform leverages the customer’s smartphone to create connected vehicle experiences that offer integrated and upgradeable entertainment, smart-phone based navigation, and information services.

“The EntuneTM 3.0 system is a tremendous asset of the 2018 Camry, equipping this best-selling, beloved car with cutting-edge connectivity,” said Sandy Lobenstein, Vice President of Connected Strategy and Product Planning for Toyota Motor North America (TMNA) and Executive Vice President, Business Planning and Strategy for Toyota Connected. “Deploying Xevo’s connected car technology in these vehicles will help them stand out in the market and deliver the most convenient, safe, and pleasant driving experiences to our customers.”

Through EntuneTM 3.0, the 2018 Camry Sedan will also come equipped with Scout GPS Link by Telenav and Xevo Engine Link. This enables drivers to easily transfer the information displayed on their mobile device to the multimedia display inside their car. Scout GPS Link provides a full, cloud-based navigation experience using the in-vehicle display, which includes a fully interactive moving map, intelligent search, voice-guided navigation with turn-by-turn directions optimized for real-time traffic, live ETA with one-tap navigation on the homescreen for key destinations such as home and work, and automotive voice recognition. Scout GPS Link is also integrated with other EntuneTM 3.0 App Suite Connect apps such as Yelp, enabling drivers to navigate to locations seamlessly without switching between apps.

Scout GPS Link was the first brought-in navigation solution to be powered by OpenStreetMap (OSM) data when it launched in 2016 and 2017 Toyota vehicles. The new 2018 solution is also built on OSM data and will bring more interactivity and a full navigation experience into the vehicle head unit. The Scout GPS Link update will be made available for Toyota owners for both iPhone and Android mobile phones as a free download on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

“We’re very excited to bring the new Scout GPS Link in-vehicle experience to the 2018 Camry through our partnership with Xevo and Toyota,” said Sal Dhanani, President of the Automotive Business Unit and Co-Founder of Telenav. “We have evolved Scout GPS Link to provide a fully interactive and seamless navigation experience in the vehicle to meet the needs of Toyota’s drivers.”

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Image Source: Toyota

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