Carnival Launches Ocean Medallion Class Cruise Technology, Powered by Xevo

Carnival Corporation has always led the passenger experience for cruise getaways, and during CES 2017 they announced a new experience that will revolutionize cruising: Ocean Medallion Class Cruises. This experience and wearable device technology is powered by Xevo.

Ocean Medallion Class Cruises amplify vacation experiences with personalized service that anticipates needs, wants and desires throughout the vacation experience. The experience begins with the Ocean Medallion, a wearable device technology that holds each Guest’s digital identity, allowing the cruise line to better serve them and provide personalized experiences and amenities.

Xevo is proud to provide technology that powers this solution, which brings an innovative new technology experience to the cruise industry. At Xevo, we create cruise ship technology that personalizes experiences and puts the user first. We’re excited that this new solution we worked with Carnival to create does just that.

Learn more about OCEAN in these excerpts from major news coverage of the announcement:

USA Today

“Carnival is launching a small next-generation wearable that’s supposed to make your leisure time more leisurely and streamline everything you do on board the ship. It’s called the Ocean Medallion, and it’s no bigger than a quarter.

…Remember when you were a kid and you didn’t have to worry about wallets or keys, except how much fun you were going to have that day? That’s what wearing the medallion is like. It unlocks your room door when you walk up, no keycard needed; it lets you buy whatever you want on the ship and charges it to your account; it keeps track of your past orders so that Carnival’s dining staff can customize your meals without you even having to ask; and it makes boarding and disembarking as simple as walking past a fancy sensor.” Read More

Cruise Critic

“Wearable technology — essentially a virtual concierge that can do everything from delivering food to any part of the ship to suggesting and booking shore excursions — called the Ocean Medallion will come to the Carnival Corporation fleet in 2017. In a first for the travel world, Carnival Corporation CEO Arnold Donald [revealed] the details…at a keynote speech from CES 2017, the global electronics and consumer technology trade show in Las Vegas.

…Benefits of Ocean Medallion include streamlined embarkation and debarkation, the ability to locate friends and family throughout the ship, better interactions with crew members who also will have devices and easier ways to access dining and entertainment throughout the cruise.

Carnival Corporation’s Princess Cruises will be the company’s first cruise line to adopt the new technology later this year. Ships that are outfitted with the technology will be classified as Medallion Class Ocean Vacations. Passengers going on these cruises will create personal profiles before their vacations, filling out preferences around hobbies like gaming or the culinary arts, as well as lifestyle choices, such as recreational and entertainment preferences.”


“Carnival is following a course charted by Disney and joins others in the hospitality industry, including competitor Royal Caribbean, in creating a world where everything you want is right there, waiting for you. What it has in store, though, goes further than its predecessors in ways that make it feel like a ship can read your mind.

‘Our focus is the end-to-end guest experience being holistically delivered in a personalized way, a simplified way,’ says John Padgett, who led Disney’s Magic Band team and built on the concept for Carnival.

That ease of use belies the underlying technology. Each Medallion is connected to a specific guest—it has your name carved into it—and interacts with 7,000 sensors connected by 72 miles of cable and distributed throughout the ship’s 19 decks. All that tech tracks where you are, what you’re doing, and what you might want to do next.

Medallions work in conjunction with something Carnival calls the Ocean Compass, a network of 55-inch high-res screens—4,000 in all—that provide personalized recommendations. Want a margarita? How about a massage? It’s right there on the screen. The interface isn’t terribly intuitive, in no small part because it’s overstuffed with information and potential actions.” Read More

We are very proud of all of the hard work that has gone into making this product. We’re excited to be working with the Carnival team to revolutionize the cruise experience.

To learn more about the Xevo technology powering the Ocean Medallion experience, please contact us today.


Image via Carnival

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