Xevo Cloudware Automotive Data

Xevo Cloudware™

Automotive data analytics and insights that OEMs can actually use

Xevo Cloudware™ architecture is a system for managing, buffering, distributing, and synchronizing data storage to support local applications and the backhaul of data over OEM, user, and public wireless network infrastructure.

Cloudware delivers an integrated set of cloud services that manage and support the in-car software and experience, including OTA update services, security management, cloud-enabled apps, targeting, machine learning (ML) training, automotive analytics, and durable/scalable persistent storage. Cloudware’s powerful automotive data analytics tools enable automotive manufacturers to analyze consumers’ personal preferences, driving history, and habits to better understand their customers and offer them exciting new personalized features, while finding all available opportunities for OEMs to increase lifetime customer value.

Cloudware provides the toolkit OEMs need to easily build, emulate, deploy, and gather feedback on solutions. Consumers have an insatiable demand for the latest and greatest features and apps – Xevo solutions help OEMs maximize customer satisfaction by minimizing time spent testing and deploying new features.

Xevo Applications Suite

  • Apps are deliverable to a variety of edge devices: From low-performance headunits to the most complete head unit implementations, OEMs can deliver apps that support the full range of in-market vehicles.
  • Distraction tested: All automotive apps are designed to support the unique constraints of the automotive environment and preserve safety on the road.
  • Complete telemetry both at the edge and in the cloud: A massive amount of data is captured and analyzed for support and continuous improvement.
  • Service provider abstraction: OEMs can easily change content service providers as needed, for example to accommodate business or regional coverage needs.
  • Extensive proxying and caching: This insures low lag, and high response rates at scale.
Xevo Cloud analytics

Hyperscale AI™

Xevo’s Hyperscale AI makes it possible for OEMs to run massive vehicle data science analytics, simulations, and training models in the world’s largest AI server farm—just point your raw data at Cloudware and start analyzing. Hyperscale AI accelerates and simplifies this complex, time-consuming work by testing millions of machine learning models simultaneously. This technology is already live and on the road in our Xevo test vehicles, gathering data and generating results every day.

Xevo data science

Xevo Machine Learning

Xevo’s Machine Learning tools use a hyperscale architecture to mimic the computational sophistication of a human brain, processing hundreds of millions of data points and performing thousands of instructions in the blink of an eye. Our algorithms learn from real-world data, actual customer usage, and logged driving patterns, enabling OEMs to build smarter, safer vehicles.

automotive data collection

Unlocking Data Value

Cloudware uses cloud computing power to give OEMs valuable data insights. The vehicle data software integrates with Xevo’s Carware and Mobileware to expand what cars can do for their owners, and new capabilities delivered instantly. Use Cloudware to connect to existing in-car technology and work with data you already own. New AI applications can be updated seamlessly as Cloudware learns what you need. It also makes it possible for profiles and preferences to move from car to car, personalizing every journey.

Xevo Cloudware Products and Services

  • Multi-tenanted app store and management for OEMs
  • OTA management, upgrades, and deployments
  • Machine learning platform and predictive automotive analytics
  • Contextual voice assistant with
 state management
  • Real-time bandwidth management
  • AI framework to manage conflicting conditions
  • SDL and native app management
  • Data acquisition, automotive analytics, and visualization
  • Geospatial database to identify parking, weather, and potential road hazards
We are proud to work with Xevo to power Toyota Link®. Their experience, forward thinking and cross-platform development strategy continues to match our overall goal of safely enhancing the driving experience of all Toyota customers. Xevo’s end-to-end suite of automotive products do just that: safely connect drivers and their cars to mobile applications and services.

– Toyota Australia’s Manager of Connected Mobility and ITS, Neal Daniel 


Xevo Vehicle Usage Scorecards

Xevo Cloudware unlocks the future of vehicle usage analytics. Expert analysis of vehicle data science forms the basis of Xevo’s Vehicle Usage Scorecards, which can be used to create a customized service schedule based on driver performance and driving conditions. 

Sample Vehicle Usage Scorecard Data

  • MPG and speed statistics, both real-time and trended
  • Accidents
  • Acceleration and deceleration
  • Hard or frequent braking, including pad/rotor wear
  • External temperature and weather
  • Road type and condition
  • Full maintenance and repair history


Sample Driver Scorecard Data

  • Preferred gas stations and refuel-level preference
  • Infotainment use and preferences: music, apps, etc.
  • Driving stats: average speed, acceleration, braking

Monetization Opportunities

  • Personalized, predictive maintenance scheduling
  • Proactive analysis on optimal time to trade-in or sell
  • New car sales: trade-in valuation
  • New car sales: identify best vehicle for driving habits
  • More accurate retail pricing for used cars
  • Accurate pre-owned vehicle information
  • Customized warranties for used cars
  • Dealer-customized services and offers

The Journeyware Suite


App management, data analysis, and insights in one easy-to-use solution.


Take personalized in-car offerings to the next level.


Strategically leverage mobile devices and mobile applications.