Automotive AI

About Xevo

Xevo is the trusted global leader in data-driven user experiences for the automotive industry. Every day we are committed to driving innovation that meets our customers’ highest quality requirements. With more than 15 years of experience, we understand what it means to develop world-class software products and solutions.

Driving Innovation

The Xevo team is made up of IoT software experts and the sharpest minds in the industry. We are passionate about delivering valuable experiences that drive historic changes in our customers’ industries, while keeping innovation and agility at the core of our business. We are big enough to ensure consistent reliability, yet we remain agile and responsive to quickly foresee and adapt to market requirements and ever-changing innovation.

Automotive Software Experts

Our automotive software solutions are paving the way for autonomous vehicles. With years of experience evolving user interfaces, Xevo solutions now encompass a broader user experience, applying a wide range of technologies that include deep learning, computer vision, machine learning, big data analytics, and cloud services. Xevo’s automotive AI solutions combine in-car data, cloud-based analytics and machine learning to continuously create, test, and deploy new AI models that improve performance, safety, and driver experience. Xevo’s automotive experts developed software that converts big data into powerful analytics tools, so you can drive decisions based on business intelligence and end user data.

You might say we have evolved from driving UI to driving AI.

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