Introducing the Journeyware™ Platform: Automotive Data Solutions & Connected Car Management

Today we are excited to announce the launch of our groundbreaking new Journeyware™ suite of automotive products — the only data-management software solution to offer a truly personalized consumer driving experience while also providing automobile manufacturers with new business opportunities. Journeyware uses machine learning, artificial intelligence, and powerful data analysis tools to give automakers a better understanding of their customers, making it possible for them to deliver truly customized driving experiences. Employing unique data analysis, the software suite enables advanced safety measures to actively avoid hazards, curtail distracted driving, and proactively improve vehicle maintenance. By leveraging these advanced technologies, the Journeyware suite makes a major step forward in the connected car market, changing the way people think about and connect to their cars, and how automobile manufacturers analyze and act on consumer and vehicle usage data.

Connected car applications and vehicles are rapidly becoming more digitally integrated into people’s lives. Drivers want their content and preferences to be as easily accessible inside their cars as it is via their phones and in their homes, and providing this seamless connectivity gives automotive manufacturers a key competitive advantage — as well an opportunity to learn more about their customers. Journeyware’s powerful data analysis tools enable automotive manufacturers to analyze consumers’ personal preferences, driving history, and habits to provide personally-tailored automobile user experiences that move beyond today’s ‘infotainment’ systems. Our connected car technology safely integrates drivers’ cars into their digital lifestyles, delivering a personalized, ‘smart’ in-car experience.

One of Journeyware’s key benefits is its potential to improve driver safety. The automotive software uses a variety of technologies — image processing, artificial intelligence, cloud-based machine learning, and hyperscale data analytics — to monitor vehicle performance, weather and road conditions, and even distracted driving. It then uses this information to provide road hazard warnings or suggest safer alternate routes, so that drivers can avoid potentially hazardous situations. Should the car detect that a driver is distracted, it can issue a reminder to bring their focus back to the road, improving their safety and the safety of those around them. The system also monitors vehicle performance and a person’s driving habits — such as someone who “rides the brakes” or accelerates hard — to offer predictive maintenance recommendations.  This can save consumers time and money, and keep them safer by preventing unexpected breakdowns.

Xevo and OEMs have a shared goal: utilizing automotive data solutions to create ‘smart’ driving experiences that increase owner satisfaction while generating new business opportunities — Journeyware makes this possible. The software suite provides data ingestion, analysis, and recommendations. It enables OEMs to offer their customers exciting new personalized features, while also making it possible to uncover all available opportunities to increase lifetime customer value. Journeyware’s in-car connectivity gives OEMs a competitive edge, and is the perfect foundation to build upon as they shape the future of the automotive UX.

“Cars are the ultimate mobile devices, and they have become a major focus of innovation. We understand that data is not only a vital part of the future automotive experience, but essential to customer satisfaction and the long-term profitability of car manufacturers. Journeyware fundamentally changes the connected car market by providing consumers with a truly robust and intuitive connected car experience,” said Dan Gittleman, CEO of Xevo. “At the same time, we are also giving OEMs the data ingestion and business intelligence they need to deepen brand loyalty while maximizing monetization opportunities. Xevo has evolved from driving automotive UI to driving automotive AI – we are building the next-generation connected car experience.”

See Xevo at TU-Automotive Detroit, June 7-8
Xevo CEO Dan Gittleman will be delivering a keynote address, discussing Journeyware and how data is paving the road to a new automobile user experience, at the TU-Automotive conference in Detroit (TU-Automotive Detroit) on June 7, 2017.

Xevo CPO John Cordell will be participating in a panel discussion at the conference about the personalization of the automotive user experience, and the advancements Xevo has made in this area with Journeyware.

TU-Automotive conferences are world-renowned as the place for Tier-1 car manufacturers to learn about the latest advances for the connected car market. As a leading innovator in the industry, we are honored that Gittleman and Cordell have been invited to take prominent roles at TU-Automotive Detroit, and to be recognized for their leadership and impact on the connected car market. Take advantage of these two opportunities to hear how our trailblazing team is changing the face of automotive UX with Journeyware.

Dan Gittleman – Keynote Address
TOPIC:  AI, The Cloud, and Data: The Future of the Connected Car
Wednesday, June 7 @ 3:10-3:30pm EST

John Cordell – Panel Discussion
TOPIC: AI: The Missing Link in Personalizing the Auto UX
Thursday, June 8 @ 4:50-5:20pm EST


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