Shaping the Automotive AI Industry

The automotive industry has grown tremendously in the past few years, with the introduction of smartphones spurring the rapid advancement of in-car technology. Drivers want instant access to content and information in their cars, and automakers want to meet those requests. The initial introduction of features like phone pairing and in-car GPS soon developed into a unique ecosystem of automakers, software providers, service providers, and more.

Recently, another groundbreaking technology entered the automotive environment: artificial intelligence (AI). AI development and machine learning in the automotive industry are huge factors enabling Xevo to create significant waves of change in the connected car landscape. AI technology creates new opportunities for OEMs and drivers, such as new revenue channels and safer driving experiences. At Xevo, we are leading the development of automotive AI and shaping the future of connected cars.

How Xevo is Shaping Automotive AI

Xevo is shaping the automotive AI industry with Journeyware, the only scalable, cloud-based data management software solution available. By incorporating AI and machine learning technology into our automotive data solutions, we deliver products that meet OEM needs and add value to their vehicles. We work with major OEMs like Toyota and Lexus to bring in-vehicle content to their drivers. By implementing Journeyware solutions with major OEMs, we drive, shape, and set the standard for utilizing AI in the automotive industry.

Journeyware operates in an edge-computing environment, which is more efficient for data processing than most connected car systems. This system allows Journeyware’s machine learning tools to rapidly turn data into actions. Individual vehicles can use this data, but the data can also be shared via the cloud for deeper processing or to be used by other vehicles.

For example, if multiple cars encounter a road hazard around the same time, such as a fallen tree, Journeyware’s AI is able to assess each car’s response (like braking or GPS re-routing) to determine where the hazard is occurring. That information can then be distributed to other cars, and the AI would take appropriate action such as warning drivers of the upcoming hazard or re-routing the GPS to avoid it.

Edge computing allows this data processing to happen much quicker with Journeyware than with other vehicle systems. The fast-acting AI technology can generate conclusions and actions that improve driver safety and efficiency. Automakers can also use this data to create safer, more responsive cars.

Xevo’s AI technology is also improving the driving experience through personalization. The AI tools use driver data to create custom in-car experiences. For example, a father picks his children up from soccer practice every Tuesday. Journeyware data shows that the father has started stopping at Starbucks on his way to pick up his children. The AI system creates action from this data by adding a Starbucks stop to the father’s GPS route. The AI system learns from driver habits and makes small changes accordingly. These changes personalize the driving experience and make journeys more enjoyable.

Journeyware’s AI features and edge-computing processing capabilities are unique to the automotive industry. The comprehensive platform gives OEMs a plethora of AI and data analysis tools in one system. Journeyware’s all-in-one platform makes it much easier for OEMs to implement AI technology.

As machine learning in the automotive industry adopts AI technology like Journeyware, the technology will continue to learn, grow, and improve. The data collected today can shape the technology of tomorrow’s driverless cars. It can also create safer cars and more efficient travel. Xevo is the leading expert for the development of AI systems for connected car platforms. As automotive IoT companies continue to adopt automotive AI, Xevo will continue to be at the forefront of this innovation.

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