UIEvolution + Surround.io + Xevo

UIEvolution + Surround.io + Xevo + AI

UIEvolution, Surround.io Company was acquired, Xevo and Rebrand world class vehicle data science team were welcomed, accelerating the use of AI for the connected car as a Tier 1 automotive technology company.

UIEvolution announces that purchase of Surround.io Inc., a machine learning startup in Seattle, and rebranding the company name to Xevo (reading: Zevo, Japan corporation name: Xevo Co., Ltd., Hirosaki Hosaka). Through this acquisition and rebranding, we will strive to provide not only value to the user interface but also a wide range of technologies such as AI, IoT data platform, cloud technology etc. to the automobile industry.

As the global leader of Connected Car Software, which is offered to nearly 10 million cars today, Xevo is building a next generation connected car platform and experience using proprietary technology. Xevo’s end-to-end automotive product that utilizes various vehicle data seamlessly connects drivers and in-vehicle devices with mobile applications, contents and services, and integrates driver experience in the car as one of the digital lifestyle It makes it possible to do.

In addition, we will build a new machine learning solution for AI driven, using vehicle data, cloud-based analysis, machine learning, to improve the performance and safety of the car and the driving experience. This in-car technology will allow drivers to benefit from detection of attention loss, detection of obstacles, acquisition of real-time weather information, and acquisition of scorecards for insurance premium discounts.

By building this solution, we can transform big data from millions of cars into a powerful analytical tool that helps manufacturers to predict problems and strengthen the services offered to customers I can do it. For example, there are merits such as sales and service notifications, driving and vehicle information statistics, identification of car model specific problems, parts wear prediction, targeted marketing activities.

Dan Gittleman, CEO of Xevo Inc., says:
“This acquisition reflects the natural evolution of the company to the embrace the impact of AI and computer vision on the automotive industry.” “The Surround team will be integrated into our company, and together with their brilliant data science capacities, we will transform the connected car experience. ”

Surround.io is a wonderful technology and data that has had decades of experience as a major architect in the development of large-scale data framework etc. to enhance AWS, Windows, Internet Explorer, Hotmail, MSN Messenger, Bing, Azure It was launched by a team with deep insight into science. Surround.io has been developing an industrial scale machine learning infrastructure focusing on applying computer vision to automobiles, enabling huge numbers of cars to share information and cooperate. By participating in Xevo, the team will be able to make use of their experiences, knowledge and resources to the future of AI for connected cars.

John Ludwig, former CEO of Surround.io, says:
“We are thrilled to join Xevo to bring our technology to the connected car market.” “Adding machine learning To the car experience is a sea change, and is exactly the kind of challenge we have enjoyed and delivered on throughout our careers ”

Xevo is a global leader in data-driven user experience, which is the world’s largest IoT technology solution in the cruise and automotive industries. Xevo’s powerful connected car solution leverages Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to provide continuous business analysis and a dramatically improved driving experience. Our automotive software products seamlessly connect drivers and cars to mobile applications, content and services. Xevo’s technology licenses to millions of in-vehicle systems around the world, providing the future of AI and connected car solutions to the world’s largest automakers.


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