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Xevo Cloud

Analytics Management Tools for Automakers

Xevo data science

Because Data Science is hard

Xevo Cloud is a comprehensive solution for automotive environments that automates sensor data management and analysis. It gathers real-time log data from your cars, drivers, and fleets in one place to enable powerful searches, dynamic dashboards and alerts, reporting, and machine learning — all with an easy on ramp.

Use Xevo Cloud to connect to existing in-car technology and work with data you already own. New AI applications can be seamlessly downloaded into cars equipped with Xevo software and updated as drivers and vehicles change as Xevo Cloud learns what you need.

automotive data collection

Automakers and suppliers improve products with real world data

With real-world historical performance data, use our machine learning algorithms to gain insights on component reliability and actual performance. Learn about real customer usage and product segments as well as actual driving patterns to build better, safer and more targeted vehicles.

Xevo Cloud analytics

For fleets, car and ride sharing, improve operational efficiency

Gain valuable operational intelligence from your fleet. And with a full range of powerful search, visualization and machine learning, any user can quickly discover and share insights. Just point your raw data at Xevo Cloud and start analyzing your world.

We are proud to work with Xevo to power Toyota Link®. Their experience, forward thinking and cross-platform development strategy continues to match our overall goal of safely enhancing the driving experience of all Toyota customers. Xevo’s end-to-end suite of automotive products do just that: safely connect drivers and their cars to mobile applications and services.

– Toyota Australia’s Manager of Connected Mobility and ITS, Neal Daniel 

Xevo connected vehicles

Featuring Hyperscale AITM

Hyperscale AI lets automakers run massive data analytics and training models in the largest AI server farm in the world. Instead of weeks of computation and manual analysis, we make it easy to test millions of machine learning models simultaneously. This means unique applications for individual drivers and vehicles. This technology is already live in our Xevo test vehicles, which are on the roads today gathering data and generating results.

You can even run these applications inside the car using our next generation in-car technology. We automatically tune AI applications for the exact processor, camera and network specifications of each car. Truly this is scaling to the extreme.

We are pleased with our partnership with Xevo. Developing systems as advanced as Entune® App Suite and Enform® App Suite require harnessing the expertise of an experienced partner. Collaborating with Xevo, Toyota is able to offer drivers an enhanced in-vehicle experience, while providing vehicles with a competitive advantage.

– Toyota’s Vice President of Connected Vehicle Technology & Planning, Sandy Lobenstein 

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