Automotive Grade Linux (AGL): Linux Foundation Project with Xevo

By Koji Hosaka, President of Xevo Japan & GM of Automotive

In our vision for creating a completely connected car platform, industry collaboration plays an essential role in expediting Xevo’s path to a connected future.

That’s why I’m thrilled to announce a new collaboration: starting today, Xevo is joining the Linux Foundation in a collaborative effort to support the connected car through its Automotive Grade Linux project. This open source effort is driven by a common interest in a connected car revolution that seamlessly incorporates technology such as in-vehicle infotainment to allow customers to interact with their cars safely, effectively and securely.

We see this partnership with Linux as a way to reaffirm our commitment to open source computing, and as a forward-thinking approach to building the next generation of automotive technology experiences that truly prioritize the user experience.

Xevo develops two-way, connected-car experiences that work across the head unit and smartphones for big automakers. Our Experience Manager Automotive platform provides a complete, connected car infotainment system that integrates connectivity, data and applications enabling automakers to deliver bi-directional, cross-screen and cross-platform applications and services that personalize the in-car experience for their customers.

I’m looking forward to the unprecedented possibilities that will develop as a result of our collaboration with The Linux Foundation, Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) and its partners. I hold tremendous confidence in what Xevo’s automotive experts can achieve—and that this partnership will accelerate not only our future, but encourage further connected car solutions and engagement. We’re excited to see where we will go.

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