Automotive AI

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Improving Performance, Safety
and Driver Experience

Xevo in-car navi

Seamlessly Connecting Drivers
and their Vehicles

Unlock Data Value. Drive Smarter Experiences.

Xevo is the trusted global leader in data-driven user experiences for the automotive and cruise industries. Now we are at the leading edge of the biggest change in automotive technology in 50 years.


Xevo Next Generation Automotive Technology

Our products seamlessly connect drivers and their vehicles to mobile applications, content and services. Xevo technology is already deployed in nearly 10 million vehicles worldwide; supplying the world’s largest manufacturers with connected car solutions.

Now Xevo is driving the use of artificial intelligence in cars. Combining in-car data, cloud-based analytics and machine learning, we continuously create, test, and deploy new AI models that improve performance, safety, and driver experience. This same process allows us to convert big data into powerful analytics tools for our partners.

Xevo Cloud

Connect now with Xevo Cloud

Use our Xevo Cloud to connect to existing in-car technology and work with data you already own. New AI applications can be seamlessly downloaded into cars equipped with Xevo software and updated as drivers and vehicles change and as Xevo Cloud learns what you need.

Xevo software security

Legendary reliability and security

Our two-decades-long experience working with the most demanding enterprise customers have taught us to build products that are reliable and scalable. Yes it’s a big job, but with veterans of some of the largest enterprise deployments in the world including Azure, AWS, Google, Denso and IBM, we work every day to bring you internet-scale and enterprise reliability.


Xevo automotive

The Xevo automotive platform combines in car data, cloud-based analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to provide unparalleled insights and deliver new services for your customers.


Xevo cruise ship

Powered by IoT technology and data analytics, Xevo ExperienceManager helps our partners create next-generation guest experiences. Major cruise lines use our platform to deliver dynamic content, rich applications, and personalized experiences to passengers.