Xevo Glass™

Glass is a customizable map-centric in-vehicle infotainment platform for automotive OEMs. Glass delivers a full suite of well-known third-party apps in addition to custom OEM applications and services, all optimized for the automotive environment.

A Truly Intelligent In-Vehicle Infotainment and Commerce Platform

Xevo Glass is presented to consumers via an intuitive, driver-safety-tested interface and includes a full suite of streaming media and productivity apps, integration with popular voice assistants, and an AI-powered recommendation engine to suggest relevant stops or points of interest along a particular route. Every aspect of Glass is OEM-customizable, including app selection and themed user interfaces, to allow differentiation by brand or vehicle model.

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Management Portal

Glass is administered via a cloud-based management portal, making it possible for automotive OEMs to maintain complete control of app provisioning, updates, the customer relationship, and all data generated from interactions. Glass also allows OEMs to offer data plans and manage costs, while giving them the ability to capitalize on monetization opportunities.

Data Ownership

With Glass, OEMs maintain complete visibility of all data generated through driver interactions and extend customer relationships throughout the life of the vehicle.

Custom Themes

Every aspect of Glass is customizable, from app and feature selection to UI appearance, allowing OEM differentiation by vehicle brand and even by model.

Native & Thin Client Apps

In addition to native Android apps, Glass delivers thin-client apps that run in the cloud. Seamless OTA updates allow OEMs to refresh and deploy new applications as developed.

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Driver-Optimized Experience

At the core of Xevo Glass is an intelligent mapping solution, which seamlessly integrates navigation and interactions, suggesting relevant stops or points of interest along the route. Using our intuitive, safety-tested interface Glass anticipates a driver’s needs to deliver an unparalleled in-vehicle experience. Mapping and navigation features can also be integrated with an OEM’s existing mapping provider.


An ambient, always-on, map-centered experience that dynamically displays relevant places, traffic conditions, and intelligent recommendations.

POI Shortcuts

Glass provides relevant app shortcuts for preferred brands, appearing as location pins on the map and seamlessly deep-linking into a Xevo Market experience.

Customizable UI

User interfaces can be customized and differentiated by make and model, providing OEMs the ability to align with unique branding or user experiences.

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AI-Powered Recommendations

Xevo Glass utilizes advanced artificial intelligence to deliver a dynamic, hyper-contextual user experience, tailored to each journey. Relevant content is displayed as suggestions based on driver preferences, past behavior, time of day, vehicle location, and more.

Personalized Journeys

Xevo Glass synthesizes contextual vehicle information and user interaction data to understand habits and preferences of each individual driver in order to offer personalized experiences.

Increased Productivity

Xevo Glass syncs with existing cloud accounts to help drivers complete a variety of tasks on the go, such as calendar integration which can offer to dial into upcoming meetings while en route.

Smart Suggestions

By leveraging vehicle status data, Glass can recommend a route to the nearest preferred fuel station when fuel is low. Integration with Xevo Market allows drivers to quickly pay and be on their way.

Voice Integration

Xevo Glass integrates with popular voice assistants as well as OEM-embedded voice platforms, extending hands-free voice access to a wide set of infotainment and commerce functions. Glass supports voice control features across media, navigation, productivity, service scheduling, and commerce apps.

Xevo Glass allows automakers to retain complete control of vehicle-generated data while delivering drivers the most technologically advanced user experience.

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Comprehensive App Center & SDK

Automakers may choose from a full suite of native Android and thin client apps specifically designed, optimized, and safety-tested for the automotive environment, including streaming, productivity, and commerce apps.

Also provided is an SDK for bespoke applications, such as an OEM parts and accessories shop, connected services sign-up, or a vehicle service scheduling app.

Simple & Powerful SDK

Intelligent Navigation

Streaming Media & Entertainment

Messaging & Productivity

Customization & Theming

Xevo Market Commerce

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In-Vehicle Commerce

An HMI should create revenue opportunities — that’s why Glass is pre-integrated with Xevo Market, allowing OEMs to deliver in-vehicle commerce experiences to their drivers. Xevo Market creates new monetization opportunities for brands and automakers and is live in millions of vehicles on the road today.

Xevo also offers a universal wallet solution, complementing Market’s capabilities by allowing drivers to securely set preferred payment methods for contactless transactions, connected services, and payments for streaming services — all through the in-vehicle touchscreen.

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