The future of the connected car experience: thin client application and cloud framework enabling consumer commerce, in-car media applications, mobile apps, and enterprise services.

The Complete Connected-Car Software Solution

The Xevo Journeyware platform for cloud, car, and mobile devices enables multi-media applications, AI-driven contextual recommendations, and content delivery to give drivers and passengers an enhanced in-vehicle experience and provide automakers with new monetization opportunities. Components of Journeyware connected car platform are deployed in more than 25 million vehicles worldwide.

Xevo Context

Xevo Context recommendation engine utilizes Journeyware’s automotive AI technology to provide a dynamic, hyper-contextual user experience. This highly-relevant content is delivered as suggestions and offers based on drivers’ preferences, past behavior, time of day, vehicle location, current route, and more.

Intuitive User Experience

Delivers smart user experiences as well as valuable information for automakers and merchants.

Time and Location Triggers

Vehicle-telemetry-triggered suggestions demonstrate a strong understanding of consumer and vehicle context to ensure that offers and alerts are relevant.

Smart Sponsored Offers

Helpful suggestions from merchant partners, such as recommendations for fuel merchants when the vehicle fuel level is low.

Xevo Identity

Xevo ID

Xevo Identity allows consumers to link their favorite merchant accounts and payment methods to their vehicle for an even more robust Xevo Market experience. Xevo IDs move seamlessly across vehicles from the same manufacturer, allowing users to access their favorites and preferences for an individually personalized, contextual experience in multiple vehicles.

White Label

Xevo Identity can link with existing identity services, or act as a white-label service to merchants and OEMs.

Opt-In Flexibility

All linking of accounts is via consumer opt-in on a per-merchant basis.

Cloud Sync

Drivers’ profiles move seamlessly to other vehicles from the same manufacturer, with all apps and preferences appearing automatically.

Xevo Mobile

Xevo Mobile

The Xevo Mobile framework works in unison with Xevo’s in-car and cloud services to deliver connected features to OEM mobile apps. From vehicle status to remote functions, Xevo Mobile is completely modular, so OEMs can choose which features to deploy. Xevo Mobile’s flexible framework allows features to be quickly deployed to both iOS and Android devices, without the need for users to perform an application update. 

Custom Experiences

Completely skinnable for ultimate design flexibility and customization

OTA Updates

Services can be updated or added without requiring users to perform app updates

Modular Features

Vehicle status, remote functions, Xevo Market, trip logs, driver scorecards, and more can be added individually

Media and Streaming Apps

Media Apps

Journeyware thin client architecture enables delivery of a suite of media applications.

  • Variety of streaming media, including music, podcasts, and audiobooks
  • Account linking for easy in-vehicle access to pre-existing media accounts
  • New user and upgrade paths for simple in-vehicle payment and account management
  • OTA updates make it easy to add new functionality and expand content formats

App Development

App Deployment

Lifecycle Management

Roadmap Improvements

Journeyware 11

Xevo Insight

Xevo Insight utilizes anonymized, opt-in data to identify driving habits, engagement levels, common routes, purchase history, and app usage to help automakers improve the in-vehicle user experience. 

  • Learn about how consumers actually use and interact with mobile apps
  • Anonymized information from actual users allows tailoring of product development and marketing efforts

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