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Xevo Mobileware™

Put mobile devices and connected car apps to work for you 

A key component of Xevo’s Journeyware connected car platform is the ability to strategically leverage mobile devices—specifically, mobile applications. From basic vehicle information to advanced features that allow secure control of vehicle functions, our mobile connected car applications exploit an expansive set of connected features. Working in unison with Xevo’s automotive analytics and in-car technology, Mobileware gives OEMs the ability to personally connect with their customers—both in and out of their vehicles. Mobileware applications are designed to be simple and intuitive on the front end, intelligent and powerful on the back end.

Xevo Mobileware also makes it easy for OEMs to develop and deploy companion mobile applications, so their customers always have the latest and greatest innovations available to them through mobile device app integration. This is just one way that Xevo’s software suite helps automakers increase customer satisfaction, deepen brand loyalty, and maximize lifetime customer value.

Xevo Mobileware Products and Services

  • OEM-branded companion apps
  • A-B reporting on application usage for development
  • In-app or head unit alerting mechanism
  • Xevo CloudLink connects mobile devices to Xevo Cloud
  • Xevo SDL Development Kit
  • Xevo Owner Profile Management moves preferences across vehicles
  • Xevo Mobile App Development Kit and Emulator
  • Xevo CarLink connects mobile devices to the car
Xevo automotive software

Xevo Engine Link

Connecting Vehicles to Smartphones and the Cloud

Xevo Engine Link provides core over-the-air connected car technology to the networks and the cloud, allowing drivers to securely access real-time data and services using connected car applications through their mobile devices. Xevo Engine Link generates valuable cloud-based analytics and business intelligence for OEMs, used for continuous improvements in conjunction with the software’s machine learning capabilities.

Using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, this solution provides connectivity via embedded modules on hardware systems or using the mobile device as an Internet gateway. Drivers can access rich content like navigation, traffic, streaming radio, and music libraries while in their car. Xevo Engine Link also includes an audio library for streaming audio files from the cloud, providing playback of local audio files stored on the mobile device.

Xevo Engine Link software includes:

Xevo MicroServer

Xevo MicroServer connects head unit applications to Internet services on smartphones via Bluetooth/BT Serial Port Protocol. In addition to acting as an HTTP proxy server, Xevo MicroServer reproduces device content through combination with the Xevo AudioLibrary.

Microserver diagram
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Local Device Playback

Local Device Playback integrates local audio files on the driver’s mobile device, enabling them to play on the head unit over Bluetooth A2DP connections.

Xevo AudioLibrary

Xevo AudioLibrary utilizes over-the-air vehicle connectivity to stream audio files from the Cloud, enabling the audio to play on the head unit over a Bluetooth A2DP connection. Combined with Xevo MicroServer, Xevo AudioLibrary plays streaming content acquired from embedded devices.

over-the-air vehicle connectivity
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Xevo Sync

Easily Connect Multiple Smartphones to an In-Vehicle System

Xevo Connectivity

Connect Your Smartphone Without the Challenges of Traditional Pairing

Xevo Sync’s Bluetooth middleware for connected cars provides a frictionless way to connect to the car without the hassles of traditional Bluetooth and Wi-Fi pairing.

Xevo software

Connect Multiple Smartphones to Deliver a New and Fun Experience

Xevo Sync lets everyone control the audio and navigation from their personal device, creating a more personalized and social experience.

Xevo Analytics

Generate Analytics and Business Intelligence

Xevo’s automotive products generate valuable insight from user-generated data, giving you the opportunity to deliver new and personalized services.

Xevo data

Connect Securely to the Devices You Trust

Sync has powerful management and security features that let the driver manage the devices that can connect to the in-vehicle system.

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The Journeyware Suite


App management, data analysis, and insights in one easy-to-use solution.


Take personalized in-car offerings to the next level.


Strategically leverage mobile devices and mobile applications.