The Positive Impact of Restaurant Technology During COVID-19 [Infographic]

When the COVID-19 pandemic emerged in late 2019, nobody could have predicted the huge effect the virus would have on the world and everyday life. As the virus spread in early 2020, governing bodies were quick to limit activities that involved groups of people gathering closely together, in an effort to halt the virus. Restaurants across the country were particularly affected by these regulations, which limited the number of people allowed to eat inside a restaurant – if indoor dining was even allowed. These unprecedented regulations caused many restaurants to rapidly shift their operations to focus on to-go orders and curbside meal pick-ups.

The shift to off-premise dining led to an urgent need for solutions that made it easy for diners to engage with restaurants. Granting customers access to digital solutions such as online menus, mobile ordering apps, and in-vehicle transactions was no longer “nice-to-have,” but “must-have.” In fact, the demand for off-premise dining remained high even as virus infection rates began to dwindle. 

Xevo works closely with major restaurant brands who are extending their services to millions of drivers using the Xevo Market in-vehicle commerce platform, which lets drivers order and pay for food from these brands using their in-vehicle touchscreen. With these restaurant customers in mind, the Xevo team wanted to find out how technology has been impacting the customer experience during the pandemic, and the lasting effect that these new solutions have on a restaurant’s bottom line.

The Xevo team compiled their findings in the infographic, “Restaurant Technology and COVID-19.” The infographic showcases statistics about the evolving off-premise dining landscape, how consumers feel about digital ordering, and more. See the infographic below, and contact Xevo today if you’d like to learn more about Xevo Market.


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