Xevo Market™

Generate new user engagement and gain valuable usage insights by connecting consumers and their favorite brands through the touchscreens of their vehicles.

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A groundbreaking automotive commerce and services platform that allows both automakers and merchant brands to engage with their customers directly through the touchscreens of their vehicles and vehicle-branded smartphone companion apps. Xevo Market delivers convenient, highly-contextual offers and promotions, and enables consumers to order & pay, make reservations, and find locations, all from their in-vehicle touchscreens. Best of all, it’s already live in millions of connected cars on the road.

Xevo Market for Automakers

Xevo Market for Automakers 4

Xevo Market for Automakers

The groundbreaking Xevo automotive commerce and services platform, Xevo Market, allows automakers to establish an ongoing relationship with customers that goes beyond vehicle sales and service by delivering major consumer brands into their vehicles. Automakers also have the ability to enable new enterprise applications such as fleet management, insurance, and shared mobility – without additional hardware. Start building a new, long-term revenue stream today with Xevo Market.

Xevo Market Revenue Opportunities

McKinsey & Co. estimates that connected-car data and services could generate global revenue of $750 billion by 2030. Monetize vehicle data and build lifelong customer relationships by capitalizing on the rapidly-growing connected car market.

Simple Deployment

Xevo Market can be delivered to new vehicles, and those already on the road using our thin-client head unit app, or through mobile device projection.


Deliver monetizable order-ahead and pay-from-dash capabilities, as well as promotions and service reminders that allow consumers to make reservations from their in-vehicle display.

Data Monetization

Xevo Market analyzes user interaction, vehicle, and mobile app usage data to deliver unique consumer insights and monetization opportunities.

Deployed in millions of vehicles across the United States.

Why Xevo Market™ Works

Xevo Market for Automakers 5

Growing network of leading national and global brands

Xevo-managed development, deployment, and OTA updates

Engagement on both vehicle touchscreens and mobile apps

Easily scalable and deployed in millions of vehicles

Before, I would just go to where I could find the cheapest gas. Now, it’s ‘Where’s the next-closest Exxon station?’"
– Owner of a Chevrolet Marketplace-equipped 2017 Chevy Colorado Source: The Wall Street Journal, Ordering Coffee…

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Extend your digital footprint to the highway by connecting your brand with millions of consumers in their vehicles.
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Xevo Market for Merchants

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Xevo Market for Merchants

Xevo Market enables your brand to offer commerce and services in millions of vehicles. Over-the-air installation means that you can be up and running in no time.

  • Expand your reach across a growing number of major automotive manufacturers
  • Xevo uses your existing APIs to build and deploy your in-vehicle app experience
  • Gain unique consumer insights from user interactions on in-vehicle and mobile apps
  • Xevo handles all performance tracking, reporting, and back-office administration

Great Service Begins Before Your Customers Arrive

Fuel & Convenience

Deliver low-fuel alerts, offer directions to your nearby fuel and convenience stores, and allow customers to pay from their dash.

Food & Drink

Help customers save time and skip the line by placing food and beverage orders ahead of time.


Customers can find nearby restaurants and reserve a table or book a hotel room from their in-vehicle touchscreen.

Curbside Pickup

Groceries and retail items can be reordered from inside the vehicle for curbside pickup.

The Average Consumer Spends 72 Minutes Per Day in Their Car

Reach Your Customers at the Point of Decision

Consumers spend hundreds of hours in their vehicles each year. Leveraging connectivity and Xevo Market’s unique data capabilities, you can turn this time into unique customer engagement opportunities.

Xevo Market’s rapidly-growing list of merchant partners already includes popular fuel, food, parking, hotel, and retail brands.

What Customers Need, When They Need It

Xevo Market utilizes vehicle data to add context to customer transactions. For example, the platform can serve a nearby fuel station offer when a driver’s fuel level is low, or offer a take-out pizza special at dinnertime. Brands have the ability to effectively target promotional activities by vehicle location and event triggers.

Cross-Platform Engagement

Xevo Market lets merchant brands gain insight into how, where, and when consumers interact with their brand across platforms, and use this valuable information to tailor promotional activities.

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In-Vehicle Touchscreens

Xevo Market makes it possible for brands to engage with customers through their in-vehicle touchscreens.

Xevo Market for Merchants

Vehicle-Branded Mobile Apps

Brands can also engage with customers outside of the vehicle through vehicle-branded mobile apps.

Before, I would just go to where I could find the cheapest gas. Now, it’s ‘Where’s the next-closest Exxon station?’"
– Owner of a Chevrolet Marketplace-equipped 2017 Chevy Colorado Source: The Wall Street Journal, Ordering Coffee…

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